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Visually Impaired Pupils

Specialist Outreach Provision for Visually Impaired Pupils at Pencoed Primary School

Pupils with a visual impairment who attend Pencoed Primary School, and schools within Bridgend LEA, are offered specialist support from the Inclusion Outreach Services.

For those children who require extensive adaptation and modification to the curriculum, support is provided from specialist staff via various intervention strategies.

The nature of the support varies depending upon the severity of the impairment and the needs of the individual pupil.

 Current specialist provision at Pencoed Primary includes:

  • Assessing pupils’ vision to determine the level and type of intervention required / adaptation of the curriculum.


  • Facilitating access to the curriculum via direct specialist support in classes and via intervention strategies – i.e. providing alternative access via various methods i.e. Braille or LARGE PRINT.


  • Modifying and adapting class materials into tactile format and/or LARGE PRINT to enable pupils to function independently alongside their peers.



  • Encouraging independent learning through the provision of specialised equipment, e.g. low vision aids.


  • Specialist individual training to acquire touch typing, Braille and mobility skills, if required.