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Pencoed Primary School Working together for each and every child

Positive Relationships & School Rules

Developing good relationships and positive behaviour in the classroom, playground and wider community is essential for creating the right environment for effective learning and teaching. Where children and young people feel included, respected, safe and secure and when their achievements and contributions are valued and celebrated, they are more likely to develop self-confidence, resilience and positive views about themselves. This applies equally to all staff in the learning community.


As stated in our Health & Well-being policy at Pencoed Primary, we aim to:

  • Help children to be able to live their best lives, being the best version of themselves that they can be. 
  • Lead lives of fulfilment, value and meaning. 
  • Lead lives that make themselves and those around them happy and healthy.


Through a diverse range of opportunities we want our learners to develop motivation, resilience, empathy and decision making skills which will enable learners to manage risks, communicate thoughts and emotions, develop and maintain healthy relationships and confidently take on different roles and responsibilities. 


All staff are expected to be proactive in promoting positive relationships and behaviour in the classroom, playground and the wider school community. There are specific experiences and outcomes in Health and Wellbeing which are the responsibility of all practitioners, who have a role in: 

  • establishing open, positive, supporting relationships across the community, where children and young people will feel that they’re listened to, and where they feel secure in their ability to discuss sensitive aspects of their lives; 
  • promoting a climate in which children and young people feel safe and secure; 
  • modelling behaviour which promotes health and wellbeing and encouraging it in others; 
  • using learning and teaching methodologies which promote effective learning; 
  • being sensitive and responsive to the wellbeing of each child and young person.


We pride ourselves on our strong partnerships with our parents and carers. Positive behaviour management works best when home and school work together. It is vital that parents and carers:

  • Know how their child is behaving at school
  • Support and encourage their child to follow our school rules