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School Meals

Why should I choose a school lunch for my child?


Bridgend Catering Services believe there are many benefits to having a school lunch.

  • Meals are freshly made, healthy and nutritionally balanced.

  • It is recommended that we eat 5 portions of fruit and vegetables each day. On a daily basis a school meal offers vegetables, salads and fruit for children to choose, therefore helping towards the '5 a day'.

  • Convenience - saving you time preparing packed lunches.

  • Enhanced learning abilities - studies have shown that children are more receptive in classes if they have had a fulfilling lunchtime meal.

  • Teaches children social skills, table manners and how to make meal choices.

  • Allows a child to relax in a safe, supervised environment with friends.

Bridgend Catering Services would like to take the opportunity to assure parents that:


  • The primary menus fully comply with the Welsh Government's Appetite for Life food, drink and nutrient standards.

  • We have an excellent reputation for cleanliness and hygiene and we are committed to meeting all Health, Safety and Hygiene Regulations.

  • Purchasing procedures assist the sourcing of safe ingredients and ensure the necessary delivery and storage methods to maintain the highest levels of food safety.

  • We have modified our recipes to reduce sugar, salt and fat content and increase fibre.

  • We avoid using artificial additives and colourings and do not knowingly use food containing GM (genetically modified) ingredients.

  • We regard your child as a valued customer and serve all children in a friendly and supportive manner.

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