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eCadets challenge 2 and bonus

The eCadets have been very busy completing challenge number 2 and a bonus challenge.



The aim of challenge 2 was to develop the children's understanding of posting photos online and how to do this safely and securely. 


The main points that the eCadets highlighted were:


- always get permission from anybody in the photograph

- ensure no personal details are on display

- think if the photo will upset somebody

- ensure that your profile is private (this means only your friends will be able to view the photo)



The aim of the bonus challenge was to inform parents and the community about how to shop safely online. The eCadets crated a leaflet with some tips on what you can do to help protect yourself. The information has been shared on the school website, twitter, schoop and the leaflet was also placed in Pencoed library.


The main points highlighted were:


- only secure websites (url begins with https:// or a locked padlock)

- buy from reliable websites

- use credit cards for purchases over £100 as you have additional protection

- only share personal details when essential


​Please visit the eCadet section of the website to see more of the work that the eCadets have created. (under the subheading 'Children' on the homepage)